Friday, July 22, 2011

Feature Friday!

I skipped out last week to catch up on blogging. Shame on me. Im still behind but im going to get better at "scheduled blogging" and hopefully will be better at staying caught up! So lets get on with this awesome feature that im super excited about!

Meet Kyna! She blogs over at Great Expectations Blog!What an adorable family and i die every time i see her sweet daughter cuz she is just THAT cute!!

Tell us about yourself and your family?I'm a thirty-something wife to the most amazing man, and a very happy momma to the sunshine of my life, my 20 month old girl, Ellie. I love photography, although I am still such an amateur, and I'm learning new things every day! I try to practice taking some shots every day but I am also very busy with every other aspect of our lives. My hubby and I love traveling, and have traveled all over the world. After having Ellie, we haven't had the chance to travel as much (well, hardly anywhere). We also love camping and doing anything outdoors. I work Monday-Thursday and get to stay home with Ellie on Fridays. It's one of my favorite days of the week because I get all day with her by myself for some special Ellie-Mommy time! I try to be spontaneous and live for the moment, but at the same time staying on the daily schedule that grounds me. Not an easy task, but I take it one day at a time.

Why do you blog? I am very new to blogging. I actually didn't even know or care what blogging was until about 2 years ago (I know, I know, I came out of the rock I was living under). When I got pregnant with Ellie, I happened to stumble across a few blogs of other moms to be, and my fascination with blogs began. I started following a few blogs here and there, and became enamored with following other women's pregnancy, childbirth, and their babies, many who were born right around when Ellie was born. This year, I finally decided to take the plunge and start my own blog. I am so glad I did. I blog to share my life with people, but also to put all of the thoughts that are always in my mind into words. My mind never seems to stop working, and blogging has been a nice outlet for me. I don't have tons of time to post everyday, or share everything, but when I do, I find it very therapeutic and satisfying to see the end result of a post.

Is there anything that makes your blog unique?I don't know if there is anything super unique about my blog other than the fact that is about me, and my family, and that is different than any other blog out there! I try to keep a constant balance between posts about myself, my little one, and my thoughts. I try not to make it just a photo dump, although you will see quite a few pictures posted on there as I try to hone my photography skills to make them better. Every Monday I do have a series called "quick recipe of the week". where I post a quick, family friendly recipe. The goal is to make cooking easier for other busy moms and dads out there like me! Hopefully my readers can find some unique and helpful recipes on through that series.

how would you describe your parenting? (old school, strict, laid back, etc)As much as I need to challenge myself to be more spontaneous, I very much am a parent that likes to keep Ellie on somewhat of a schedule. We've been doing that since she was born (nothing super strict, but we definitely were not "just go with the flow" parents when we first had her). Maybe we created a little schedule monster, or maybe we created a well adjusted toddler that appreciates knowing what her day will be like. Either way, I think the schedule was originally more for our sanity when we were juggling life with a newborn, and now Ellie thrives off of it. As far as discipline goes, I'm definitely much more lenient than Matt would like me to be...sometimes I spoil Ellie. But we do make sure to set very clear boundaries for her, and I think the older she gets and the more she can understand, the more boundaries we will create.

What was your hardest adjustment to being a new parent?
Honestly, how naive I was when I used to picture us and our baby. Matt and I always used to say we wouldn't be parents that did this, or our baby wouldn't be like that. Turns out, you don't get to hand pick and decide what your baby will be like! We always swore we wouldn't tiptoe around our sleeping baby...we even judged parents that did. Ellie has ALWAYS been a light sleeper since day one, and guess what? As much as we try not to, we often times find ourselves tiptoeing around her so she can get a good nap or so she sleeps through the night. The list could go on and on of all of our "I will nevers..." or "Our baby will..." We were so naive to think we could "expect" our baby to be a certain way and to judge other parents before we had a baby of our own. Babies are just tiny people, they all have their own personalities and their own quirks and we can't control a lot of that. I think once I realized that, and accepted it, I was able to enjoy Ellie much more and not continually compare her to the other babies I know.

Greatest joy of being a parent?It's so cliche, but I have never ever before felt the joy that I feel when I am with Ellie. Marrying the man of your dreams brings you an amazing joy, but having a baby, that is part of you, is absolutely mind blowing and indescribable. It's not always perfect, and yes, it can be hard. But I have never done anything in my life that is as rewarding as parenthood. I can not imagine myself without Ellie. She makes up so much of my happiness these days, and that alone makes all the hard times more than worth it!
Any parental advice?It's great to read all kinds of books, or ask other mother's their advice when it comes to parenting, but always remember that you need to do what is best for your baby and your family. And that may be very different than the advice you read from a bestselling "expert", or the advice you get from your neighbor who has 3 kids of her own or even the advice you get from your friend who has a baby the same exact age as yours and is dealing with the same exact thing. Obviously, make sure your decision isn't harming your baby in anyway, but trust your instincts and do what you feel is the best in your own situation.


So make sure you head over to Kyna's Blog and show some love! And if your even cooler, follow it :)
 I know you will love it!

If you are interested in being featured, email me! Its free guys. Ive had people ask how much i charge. Really?? Some times this blogger world is out of control lol.


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