Friday, July 29, 2011

Feature Friday!

Today's feature is special :)

Special because this gal is not just a blogger friend in the blogger world but i personal friend :)
I met her in october 2008 through a mutual friend at a halloween party. It was love at first sight.
We love, eachothers bum bum :)
haha yup. This was us.. before the babies. Were hot we know ;)
Well actually i had a 5 week old fetus named Braylee in ma belly :)

Im sure alot of you know this bright beam of sunshine and happiness, but in case you have been living under a rock, i had to make sure you guys meet her :)
Meet the lovely miss, sweet shawntae from a little king and i blog.
Or shall we say, a little king and navy girl in the belly blog :)

(ps..sorry the text size gets a little weird.. boo)

Tell us about yourself and your family?
I'm Shawntae! I'm the f.wife to the most amazing man ever, James! We have a nineteen month old silly expressive toddler Kingston and I'm pregnant with a baby girl that is due this October Navy. James is the bread winner and I'm the stay at home mommy. My life is pretty crazy and busy and will get even more busy once baby sister arrives but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Why do you blog?
Because it's the best thing ever and it's cheaper than therapy. haha It's my journal a place to write my feelings put up pictures,show our daily life etc. I guess you could say I'm pretty addicted. The blog community is so amazing and I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people ever through blogging and I never would have had that happen if it weren't for blogging. I couldn't stop blogging if I wanted too and I plan on never ever quitting. I love it soo much! I think everyone should have a blog public or private.

Is there anything that makes your blog unique?
I don't know if you'd say it's more unique than any other blog but I guess I could say my blog is sort of like a shrine to my son Kingston. haha I blog mostly about him and our days together.

How would you describe your parenting? (old school, strict, laid back, etc)
I'm pretty laid back so far, Kingston isn't really old enough to discipline yet and when we do discipline it's just "NO NO "and removing him from whatever he was doing. I'm really against spanking/hitting and plan on never doing that! I think I'm a pretty chill mom, you will find in a lot of my pictures Kingston is dressed in his diaper and just whatever for that day. Don't get me wrong when we go out we do get ready but when we are home we just hang. I try to play a lot with Kingston and get down on his level, we play a lot outside and I'm okay with him getting dirty,eating dirt,the occasional bug and being a boy. :)
What was your hardest adjustment to being a new parent?
Finding time to myself! It was really hard adjustment at first because I was pretty young still when I had Kingston. Now "my time" is during nap time. I swear not only are they good for our littles they are good for us mommies.

Greatest joy of being a parent?
Oh so many things! Being a mom is the most amazing thing ever. I love watching Kingston grow, all the things he says, and I could just go on and on. I could just smoosh that boy all the time!! I think it is such a honor to be able to mother him and I feel really really blessed.
Any parental advice?
Let your kids be little I wrote a post about it here.

Make sure you guys go show some love!
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and that little king man, is he not the most adorable little boy you ever did see? And to think there is going to be ANOTHER kid as cute as hims!? I cant even handle it :)
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Shawntae said...

Yay! You chose some really awesome pictures. Thanks for featuring lover bum. I love your booty lots and lots!

Melanie said...

I've been following her blog for quite a while! How sweet that you two are "real-life"friends! She is so lovely & her lil Kingston is ADORABLE! Hope ya have a fab weekend mama!

KimBerly said...

Nice to meet you Shawntae. You have the most beautiful family. I love your name by the way. Very pretty.

Shannon said...

Her blog is great! I have a lot in common with you both, it would be fun to hang out!! :) Thanks for sharing!!

amy@agoodlife said...

i love shawntae! she is a bloggy bestie, for sure :)

Holly said...

what a cute little family!

hey, i'm a follower(from my other account now:) so i'm following twice! yea me. anyways, i'd LOVE it if you stopped by my new blog/site and became a follower me back there too! its a new mom-perspective family fun review site! starting in the dallas area but plan to expand to cities all around. thanks!


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