Tuesday, May 29, 2012

{Guest Post} Facial Recipe!

Hey there readers! I'm Kaity, and I blog over at As We Grow. I'm all about sharing my findings and tips all about saving money where you would least expect it, cleaning and organizing, and natural and new ways of doing things! As well as some yummy recipes along the way! This is one of my favorite facial recipes I have ever come across, and altered to perfection!

This is something that I have been trying out, and LOVE. Since I have been pregnant with Tucker, I have discovered a lot more blackheads on my face. And this is not okay with this mama! I have always had pretty nice skin, so when all these unwelcome guests decided to land upon my chin.. I knew I had to do something about it. So, I dove into research. 
Here's what you'll need:
2 cups of water
5-8 drops of Lavender Oil {http://www.mydoterra.com/christacox/#/}
Handful of Basil (Fresh or Dried will do!)
Baking Soda
Here's what you'll need to do:
Step 1: Take your 2 cups of water, Lavender oil, and basil, and pop them into a pan on the stove
Step 2: Turn on stovetop to medium and let the mixture boil for about 5-6 minutes
Step 3: Once mixture has boiled for that time, pull off burner and pour into a bowl
Step 4: Pull back your hair, and place face over bowl letting the steam hit and absorb into your face. Do this for about 10 minutes. It's super relaxing and smells GREAT!
Step 5: Take your baking soda, and a little bit of water, and make into a paste. Massage thoroughly into skin. Let it dry.
Step 6: Wash baking soda off with cool water. Your skin will feel fresh and new! And blackheads will be saying bye-bye!
**I recommend doing this once a week. It will really help diminish the amount of blackheads you have, and of course, doing it more often, always brings better results!**
WHY these ingredients?
WHY Basil? 
Basil has been used for thousands of years to help treat different skin problems. The medicinal herb is especially great for acne problems because it has powerful ant-viral anti-inflammitory and antibacterial properties to it. 
WHY Lavender Oil? 
Lavender oil is great for clogged pores. It is a natural muscle relaxer, soothing agent, conditioner, and astringent. So not only, when you are doing the steam, does it smell great, but you are also absorbing all of active nutrients that come out of the oils, and penetrate your skin and pores.
WHY Baking Soda?
Baking soda has been found to be an amazing natural non-abrasive skin exfoliant! When you by exfoliants at the store, they contain harsh chemicals (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) that are used renew the layer of skin, by burning off the old one. Baking soda is a physical exfoliant, that instead of doing harm, it actually physically scrubs off the excess skin cells and dirt that is accumulating. 
So there you have it! A natural, easy (and smells really good too!) way of reducing and removing those pesky blackheads! 

Thanks Kaity! You are awesome!

This was supposed to go up this weekend while i was gone but i didnt have internet at the cabin (only reception). So i apologize for my absence!

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Angel said...

Thank you for this. I had been trying to find something good and natural for my daughter. This looks like a great recipe to help.

Erin Waters said...

DO NOT using baking soda on your skin - I repeat, do not use baking soda on your skin! It can burn your skin.
If you remember anything from your high school chemistry class, you'll remember that the pH scale works like this: 1 is acidic, 14 is alkaline. Things are either more acidic or more alkaline based on where they sit on the scale (unless it is 7, in which case it is neutral). As a reference point, your skin is roughly a pH of 4.5-5, blood is 7, an effective AHA or BHA is 3.5-4, baking soda is a 9, and the average WHITE vinegar (5-10% acetic acid) is 2.40-3.40.
pH is so very important in skincare -- too alkaline and the skin barrier is disrupted or damaged, too acidic and you risk burns.
Vinegar and baking soda are household chemicals and they are not safer just because they are not in a bottle in the skincare aisle. Baking soda can be used to scrub stains out of a toilet while vinegar can be used to break down lime build-up on your tub or sink. These are chemicals. They are not safer than your Cetaphil cleanser just because they are only one or two ingredients.
Skin care problems are generally caused by genetics, diet, and mistreatment of the problem to begin with, such as scrubbing dehydrated, acne skin with baking soda, which damages the skincare barrier and makes your face a bacterial breeding ground. Think of your skin barrier as part of your immune system -- it is essential for keeping the bad guys out and the good stuff in, such as moisture. Scrubbing it with a too-alkaline cleanser is increasing moisture loss and decreasing the ability to keep bacteria on your skin in check. Worse, by toning your skin with a product with a pH of 2.4-3.4, you are putting your skin at risk for chemical burns, which at best are uncomfortable and at worst will scar.
Please, please use products that are made specifically for use on skin -- your face is not a toilet bowl or a sink. They are balanced by cosmetic chemists and generally use tried-and-true ingredients for cleansing or moisturizing.


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