Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our 2 Weeks In Phone Pics!

I take so many more phone pics now that i have instagram! I need to stop slacking on these weekly posts! Follow me on instagram!
 13 weeks prego
 Jumping Jacks play place!
 Yes that is my 23 year old husband on a baby merry go round... what more can i say..
 Me and Nikki
 Never can have too many selfies i always say!
 Crock pot meals is my new thing! So yummy and EASY
 I hate laundry day! *But not as much as i hate root canals. 
Worst experiences of my life!
 Almost done with this book! SOO hooked!
 Busy day last Saturday! Baby shower, bbq at the park, then out for a girls night dinner followed by playing around at the mall.
 14 weeks prego!
 My first sun burn of the year! Was gone by the next day
 Love this little girl's gorgeous hair!
 Bray and Keamyn (right pic). Braylee wearing Keamyn's helmet. She randomly just threw it on and hopped on the four wheeler! Jeff was so proud.
 My mommy's gorgeous flowers last Sunday!
 Make a wish! *We get to enjoy our summer with the tantalizing scents of DOG POOP! Joy for this prego... NOT! Its literally right outside our door. (ok so maybe like 10 ft away) But still... DISGUSTING!
 Random summer days here in Utah.. Getting my tan on..
 Root beer floats and Popsicles! 
Heading to a play date!
 Jump on it play date on Friday!
 Can not put this book down. Do i look like a nerd?
 SUPERCROSS! Yea buddy!!!!
 Mmmm hot chocolate!!

So much fun!!


Anna Mc. said...

It looks like you have a lot of fun!

I'm jealous - I feel like all I do is work then go home, eat dinner, fall asleep and do it all over again the next day lol.

Your little girl is georgeous btw!

dramaticmama said...

Love all the pictures! :)
Especially your belly pics. :) Yay baby!! :)

Also, i love that you guys are into motocross. Us not so much, but we do like to get out on the four-wheeler and dirtbikes of our own. lol.

jessica ♥ The Fevered Pen said...

She's so adorable!!!! Love all these pictures. You're looking fantastic, as always!

Don't feel bad about the dog poop, I live RIGHT beside the complex DUMPSTERS, and a pathway!!! It stinks so bad in the summer AND garbage always blows over everywhere. It's disgusting...we can't even play outside because there's just so much gross garbage EVERYWHERE, including broken beer bottles from people actually WHIPPING THEM at our house, and no grass from the pathway :(

Lindsey Leitner said...

I must say you guys take the cutest family pictures! Hope pregnancy is treating you well! Sure to be another cutie pie!


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