Monday, February 6, 2012

Motivation Mondays! {GUESS MY WEIGHT!}

Today we are going to play a game :)

I have never disclosed my weight or measurements because i was going to have everyone guess!
Ill tell you why next week where i will also disclose my weight and jean size!

So watch the vid and ill give you info to help you guess
as well as my regular body check in.

Body still shots..
Last weeks pic

So comment on this post with your guesses!
(or email, fb, twitter, text, whatever works)
Feel free to comment anonymously if you are worried you might hurt my feelings.
Which you WONT.
Im not sensitive about my weight.
i wouldnt be doing this if i was.

Im 5'7, down 13 pounds, 2 inch in waist, and 3 inch in belly.

I will disclose my weight and such in next week's vid!!


Rachel said...

What did I say last week.. 143.2!! Lol and 13lbs Ahhhhh that's awesome! Working on getting impregnated Ahhhhh that's awesome!! I will be too in may :) and are we guessing pants size too? 7/8/9.

Anonymous said...

You look awesome! For your progress, age, and height, as well of the knowledge I have about myself... I will guess you weigh 158 and wear an 11. Hope thats at least in the spectrum...

Anonymous said...

175lbs. and size 14 jeans.

Candace said...

I'm gonna say 154! Congrats on loosing 13 lbs!!

Mason's Mama said...

141 lbs

Kaitlyn said...

I'm going to say 157 and size 10

Melanie said...

GirrrL... you are looking A-mazing! You are truly inspiring me.

I totally agree w/ you, it's not what the size of your jeans are or your weight, it's how you look & feel.

I guess 144 & size 7.

Btw, your bootie looks super fab in those pink stripy boy short/undies! Not in a weird way or anything. Just sayn! Lol)

Keep it up mama!

I just started last week, seriously working out. We'll see!

Rachel said...

Oh and I'm basing my guess on the knowledge of myself as well we are about the same height but you however are a bit more fit than I am and you have chicken legs lol and I just have to say there is no way you look like you are 175 like an anonymous user posted that person is probably 105 lbs. I just had to point that out there :)

Anonymous said...

Uhmmm I'm gonna say 167 and size 9 jeans

Anonymous said...

First off congrats on the pound lost so far :) Second off, YAY ON TRYING FOR BABY#2!

So i am going to compare you to myself because your belly actually looks a lot like mine. I am going to say your 160 with a size 10/11.

Ashley N. said...

NEW BABY!! WOOT...Because we are about the same height I will go with 153. and I hate pants so no jean guess from this girl. <3

Anne U said...

Wow, you look great, I'd guess 140 or even lower.

Anonymous said...

Guessing... 155 lbs for weight... and size 8 jeans based on your height/chicken legs! :) You go girl!

Christa said...

"Phil and Darby Hawley"
i accidently deleted your comment from my phone (i suck at touch screen lol)

But her comment was

"You have definitely made progress girl! So inspiring! And of course I love a guessing game, so I'm gunna guess 156lbs and size 10"

Anonymous said...

155 size 12

Great job! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

183lbs size 12

Anonymous said...

180lbs size 12

If you really are working out as hard as you say you are then I suggest watching you're diet closer, Its more what you eat than anything, watch sodium and carbs, get an app where you log what you eat and actually log EVERYTHING. I bet you feel like you are not eating as much but little eating adds up to a shiz load of extra bad calories

breezy said...

Hmmm... I'm guessing 147 with a size 8/9.
Christa you look way good. I love that your taking lots of pics along the way cuz you can totally see the progress. Way to be. :) and ps im really happy you're going for another baby. :))) that's awesome.

breezy said...

I apologize if I enter twice, my phone is freakin out. My guess is 147 and size 8/9. I love that you're taking lots of pics cuz you totally can see the progress. Great job. :) and ps I'm happy you're going for another baby. That's awesome :)

Christa said...

@anonymous about my diet and exercise..

I was doing insanity for 4 weeks and lost 10 pounds, i say thats pretty damn good. Healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds a week. Anything more is unhealthy ie muscle loss and water weight loss.

Then i plateaud and now im not working out as much, just weight training with Jillian Micheals. Lost 3 more pounds in 2 weeks, and i didnt loose anything this last week cuz i hardly worked out due to being SUPER busy with photography. (But i still worked out and didnt gain anything).

So what does how hard im working out and my diet have any reflection on how much weight i "should" be loosing??

It just seems like your saying i should be loosing more weight.
Plateauing is normal..

Alaythea said...

I have to agree with Anonymous though that eating is the key. I can work my a** off working out but if I'm not keeping my eating strict and clean and counting every calorie I don't see the weight loss like I should. My first round of Insanity I didn't cheat once for the full 60 days and almost lost 20lbs. I'm not saying what you've done isn't great, it is! And you should keep at it, I'm just saying that I do agree that diet is EXTREMELY key to losing fat not just working out.

Christa said...

@Alaythea, NO i COMPLETELY agree..

Just the way they said it sounded degrading like im lying about how much i workout and that i should be more fit. "If you are really working out as much as you say you are then i suggest you watch your diet more.."
Like really?
Im doing just fine. Thanks.
Plus i havent even talked about my diet a whole lot..
How do they know if im eating bad or not? lol

Christa said...

And on TOP of that.. They guess that im 180 and size 12 AFTER ive lost 10 pounds and all those inches...

Like really??

It was just all around rude.

!~liFe~! said...

I guess 173 and pant size 9 YOU look amazing girl keep at it and you will be right where you want to be =) your SEXY <3(bailie)

Anonymous said...

159lbs size 9

Robin Quick said...

My guess is 137 pounds and size 7 jeans!
Keep up the great work girl!

Anonymous said...

You look awesome, good job!

Natasha said...

youre looking great girl! Keep up the good work! You are motivating me to get off my chubby butt & work out. I'm going to guess 170 & size 9/10. I know that sounds high but you are 5'7" and youre gaining muscle & muscle weighs more than fat. I always get discouraged looking at my weight, but then I remind myself I'm tall for a girl (5'7 as well) and I have a lot of muscle....underneath my fat lol
Proud of you for all the progress you have made! Also goodluck on that babymakin'- have fun ;)

Mrs. Head said...

151 lbs, Size 9/10

The Cantelmo Family said...


Olga said...

so true! weight doesnt really matter its how you look and feel. love your videos!

Wishing you the best... in hopes for the next baby!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Christa! I have some questions for you that I hope you can address either on here or in a seperate blog post...

1) Are you still doing Insanity some days, or not at all?
2) I know you said you plateaued while doing it... do you think it was because you were gaining muscle, which weighs more than fat? If that's the case, I'm sad to hear you were discouraged by your plateau, because you look awesome!
3) Would you recommend the Insanity workout?
4) How in shape do you have to be to start Insanity? I'm currently doing the 30 Day Shred and Level 1 was hard for me at first. I'm moving onto Level 2 tomorrow and I'm sure it will be hell.
5) Have you done the 30 Day Shred? If yes, what were your thoughts/results?
6) Are there any other workouts you would recommend?

Thanks for all your advice!

Christa said...

I cant email you so i hope you get this.

I stopped insanity completely. Im doing weight training now.

I would VERY much so recommend insanity! The workouts are AMAZING. and yo get fast results.

Insanity WILL be extremely hard. Level 3 of the 30 day shred isnt even as hard as insanity. But ANYONE can do the workout. You go at your own pace, push yourself as hard you can. You adapt to it until you are doing things you NEVER though you could do.

Yes i have and LOVE the 30 day shred (i recently got the ripped in 3o and i like it better but they both are GREAT).

i recommend insanity of course, anything jillian micheals, anything Chalene Johnson (turbo jam is way fun) Body rock is good (they post free videos on youtube every week day).

hope that helps :)

!~liFe~! said...

so ive been going through your blog tonight and HOLY smokes now i really look back and girl you lost so much before getting pregnant you were looking so good well STILL are but you know when you look back you can REALLY tell! you look great =)


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