Monday, October 27, 2014


Im so incredibly blessed.
blessed to be where i am at right now in life, but also blessed for my past.

 Friendships I've made (even though we aren't in the least bit close at all anymore. but thats ok cuz we always pick up where we left off! and i cherish friendships that have that ability). Friendships that didn't work out, friendships that did.

Im blessed for all my trials, my auto-immune disease thats attacking my metabolism, my bad knees, my health issues that made me gain a million pounds, all the people who have hurt me and used me. all MY mistakes.
Because of those things... i am a warrior, I'm a champion, NOTHING will hold me back. It EMPOWERS me to be better and work HARDER!
Im not bitter, I'm not hateful, i actually THANK people for treating me poorly cuz it teaches me patience, and forgiveness, and without those people, i wouldn't know those great attributes.

But most importantly... I'm so blessed and thankful for where i am at RIGHT now!

Every path in the past has led me to the people and life i have right now.
i have an amazing husband. We aren't perfect but we have a perfect ability to TRY and MEND. My amazing babies here on earth and the ones who were taken back early to watch over us until we meet again.

My amazing family. The saying "we may not have it all together, but together we have it all" should be our family slogan. We all clash at times, but no matter WHAT, we are die hard for each other.

My amazing JOB. What i do is a little bit out of the norm of a standard job. In a traditional job.. its all about putting others down to make you look better. If you want to get to the top of a company and make the real money, you have to claw your way to the top. Be better, look better, its all a competition. If someone is better then you in the company, they are a threat..

In my job, the only way you can be successful is to reach down and HELP your team. There is no competition. You are your own boss, go at your own pace, make as little or as much money as you choose.
We CELEBRATE everything!
We celebrate our health. We celebrate our achievements. We congratulate and get so excited for people we don't even personally know!
My team goes OUT OF THEIR way to help me.
I couldnt feel more blessed in the path that led me here!

And lastly....
Im so incredibly BLESSED for the FRIENDSHIPS I've made. The people in my life are so in tune with true happiness. Im surrounded with such positive people who are selfless, caring, & empowering.
They lift me up when I'm down. When I'm sad, they are right by my side. But better yet.. when I'm HAPPY, they are even more RIGHT BY MY SIDE cheering me on. Ive been so used to the opposite of that for WAY too long. I feel like we are always laughing, growing, and helping others.

This is a movement!
A shift in whats "normal"
i refuse to get stuck in the ways people think are just "normal" in life.
Its not normal to wish bad on people.
Its not normal to hope to be better then others.
Its not normal to go to school our WHOLE life, PAY for lots of school, acquire debt, just to HOPEFULLY get a job, so slave away at all day, 5 days a week (if you're lucky and its not 6 or 7 days a week), to retire at 65 years old to FINALLY live your life how you truly want.
I REFUSE to be left feeling helpless if i lost my job tomorrow,
how would i pay my bills.
I REFUSE to beg for certain days off.
I REFUSE to have to acquire vacations days just to pay bills while i take time off.
I REFUSE to work opposite of my husband.
Im DONE missing out.

i live my life PASSIONATELY, fully, and INCREDIBLY!
and i get to help people feel healthy and financially safe at the same time!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

30 Day Fall Into Health Challenge!

Today and Tomorrow are the absolute LAST days to order your nutrition system 
to get it in time for this challenge starting Oct 12th 2014!

This challenge is for ANY health goal.
Weight Loss
Muscle Gain
Healthy aging.. YOU NAME IT!

You get your food for the ENTIRE month except one meal per day.
Daily support.
Meal plans.
Daily Workouts..
and the best transformation wins $500!!!!

Email me to order!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Friendships Have Faded Out...

Ive had this draft saved away for quite some time.
as mentioned in my last post.. I've taken a new path in life.
I've changed.

But i kinda wanted to shed some light on the dark place i was at in my life.
I never posted this cuz i didn't want to feel like i was having a pity party..
But now that I'm in a better place, i wanted to post it to maybe inspire someone to make the changes in their life to get out of their dark place, like i have done :)

Here it is.

I have so much to say but there is something blocking the way.
The actuality that people don't care...
the pain and hurt is filling the air.
Curiosity and interest doesn't suffice for genuine concern,
This is a cold hard lesson i am trying to learn.

Ya'll complain about this and that,
but what you don't realize is you're closing the door for a good friend chit chat..
"People are so negative" "People are so lame"..
Where are the friendships? When did this turn into a game?
We see when our friends are crying for help and when they are in pain
but instead of reaching out, we post a status bashing negative people and put them to shame.

I shut my eyes and try to see clear.
But the pain and the drama is always ringing in my ear.
Quality relationships are going down hill
Everyone has gone fake, no friendships are REAL

Hypocrisy and double standards, people are so whack
They ask so much but yet aren't willing to give back
One cannot simply DO what they would want in return
one cannot realize to get what they want, they them self must EARN!

a society of disrespect, ignorance and TAKE
no wonder its this life that is causing my heart to break.
Facebook and internet is how we communicate
i can't even get my friends to join me on a lunch date!

Something isn't right so we turn to the bottle, or a pill
but what we don't consider is that is our soul we are starting to kill

Everyone is so busy, no one has time
we can't even support each other at the drop of a dime
Everyone is worried about themselves and their own problems
that they can't even take the time to help others and their problems!

Dont you think that if we took the time to help and reach out
our own sorrows and pains would start to diminish and fade out?

Everyone is so sad, tired, stuck and feeling alone
but yet when i try to help them, i can't even get them on the phone!

"Hey hows it going? Can i give you a call?"
"no lets text and email.. i have no time at all"
We are losing so much value in QUALITY interaction
our kids will indeed suffer due to all the nonsense and distraction.

We live in a world that seems so deranged
my biggest questions, is Will it ever change?

Indeed it CAN, the world can become anew
but the fact of the matter... is that is starts, with YOU!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The New Me...

i am SOO blessed to be a part of a company that SURROUNDS me with loving SELFLESS people.
Yes i HAVE changed!
I'm always striving to be better. the company i work with is focused on creating better health, a better quality of life. better loving people. Everyone around me GIVES more and lOVES more.

i was feeling so lost. alone. no friends. so depressed by the world.
And now I'm free. 

Im closer to God, I'm closer to LOVE. even when i don't ask for it, when i stumble i have friends lifting me up, giving me hugs, pushing me harder.

i sit here BAWLING cuz my heart is so FULL.
its overflowing.

i walk around in the community and i no longer see misery and angry people.
i see people who need love. who need value.
im not afraid to sit and have an ACTUAL conversation with people.
You know, conversations where you actually compliment people, ask about them, their life, how they're feeling and REALLY listen to their answer.

Conversations are so robotic now a days. We ask people how they are routinely and get a routine answer of "Great, how are you?" and we routinely answer with "Good".
We gotta stop that!

I find myself wanting to randomly hug people!

The world is cruel, but it doesn't have to be!

People are homeless, kids are starving, yet we choose to ignore it cuz it "hurts too much to acknowledge it".
Yet the sad situations still remain...

Well what if we instead, donated just even a DOLLAR.
If everyone donated a DOLLAR to help starving children, do you think we would have made a huge impact?? i think yes!

Its the small things in life that count

Life is a BEAUTIFUL thing!
Dont waste it away.
Embrace its beauty
Make a difference.

Chase your dreams!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

90 Day Results (Organic Nutrition System)

My 90 day results are in!! Side shots and back shots are my favorite since that's where I'm losing all my weight! My mind is blown every week! Keep in mind, the left pic, 
I was eating clean and vegan and working out 3-5 times a week. 

Now I'm..
• -12 lbs
• -4 in. Waist
• -4.5 in. Abdomen 
• -1 in. Buttocks
• - 1.5 in. Left thigh
• -1 in. Right thigh
AND I have Hypothyroidism. (Hard to impossible to lose weight)
What am I doing??
I'm putting the best of the best JAM PACKED nutrients in my body imported from New Zealand (way higher standing in health then the USA). I don't calorie restrict. I feed my body what it needs and look and feel amazing in return!

Can't wait to up my fitness game! I've been lazy. Hence my butt loss  LOL.
I don't know what you guys are waiting for... But if your done wAiting... Message me on fb! {search my email,}


 email me if you want more information!

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60 Day Results (Organic Nutrition System)

Just finished my 2nd month! My first month was a 30 day cleanse, my last month was an athletes pak and I was focusing on eating more calories, lifting more, and gaining MUSCLE! I tried my best to get the same position, lightning, angle etc! Unfortunately my 3o day pics are all on my phone so they look different


Im not trying to be a salesman..
but i really want everyone to feel this amazing!

So email me if you want more information!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

30 Day New Diet RESULTS!

If you follow me on Instagram (@ChristaCox3) you know that i am trying a new diet.
rather a new LIFESTYLE.

A couple months ago, despite eating cleaning and working my A$$ off.. i started gaining weight { 6 lbs to be exact}. I was super bloated. My clothes were getting tight again. Total opposite direction i wanted to be going. And i was getting super nervous about having to have a 2nd revision done on my tummy tuck! I was feeling sluggish, tired just gross.
i waited a whole month (4 weeks) trying EVERYTHING. Miralax, more water, less carbs, more protein, no meat, vegan, not vegan. gradual experiments through out the 4 weeks...
but nothing was working!

So a few girls at work had told me about this amazing all ORGANIC, no GMO's, No soy, no gluten, NO STIMULANTS, just PURE nutrition! 
Sounded great before but i never really thought about actually trying it..
Then out of desperation, i decided to try it!

Hey 30 money back guarantee.. why wouldn't i try it??

I didn't feel like i had a ton of weight to lose, i just wanted to lose body fat and tone up!

In the first WEEK, i dropped 4 lbs and my bloated belly was GONE.
i was blown away.

Like magic, the scale kept dropping, but more importantly, my clothes were just DROWNING me.
I was feeling AMAZING!!

30 days later............

I'm 8 lbs down
-6 % body fat
-3 inches in waist
-3 inches in belly
PLUS 1/2 inch in my booty! (my goal is to build my bum)
-1 inch in left upper thigh
-2 inches in right upper thigh

best part.. i only worked out ONCE a week!
so thats like 5 times in 30 days.
and they were tiny baby workouts!


I dropped my coffee habit
i have more energy
i sleep better
i don't get sick
my hair is healthier (even after i dyed it blonder)
i have less cellulite
i eat better
im calmer with my kids (WHAT WHAT?!)

i can't tell you how AMAZING i feel!!

 These next images aren't before and afters..
just better lighting to show toning :))

Next month i am taking it up a notch!
I'm doing to pick up my workouts and hopefully gain muscle mass and lose more fat!

Ill check in in 30 more days!

Im not trying to be a salesman..
but i really want everyone to feel this amazing!

So email me if you want more information!

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